Running the Sunflower Relay in Winthrop, Washington: Winthrop, Washington, is the kind of place that can give a person a moral dilemma–it’s so wonderful that you want to tell everyone about it, yet you want to keep it all to yourself…view the entire post.

Winthrop, Washington: Part 2–Where We Stay and What We Do: A half-day drive from Seattle, and we feel like we’re worlds away. The pace of our lives slows. Playing in the dirt jumps to the top of the priority list…view the entire post.

Second Saturdayz in Seattle: This girls’ day out was inspired by the whole country chic/shabby chic/upcycling movement. Second Saturdayz is a monthly flea market, usually at Magnuson Park in Seattle…view the entire post.

Low Tide at Seahurst Park: I could spend hours gawking at the scenery at picturesque Seahurst Park on Puget Sound…view the entire post.

Bellingham in a Day: 10 things we love about Bellingham…view the entire post.

Taking Our Silliness on the Road: A Weekend Trip to Portland: After the weather we’ve had in Seattle these past few months, I wouldn’t know summer if it jumped up and bit me…view the entire post.


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