Taking our Silliness on the Road: A Weekend Trip to Portland

After the weather we’ve had in Seattle these past few months, I wouldn’t know summer if it jumped up and bit me. But after a hot August weekend in Portland, you’ll no longer hear me complaining. It was so hot and sunny that I almost got a tan. And by hot, I mean ninety degrees. I’m officially a weather wimp.

Good thing Portland had other attractions to take my mind off the heat:

Thank you, Voodoo Doughnut. That maple bacon bar helped replenish my electrolytes…

So I could make sure my drag racing daughter and her drag racing cousins didn’t drive into oncoming traffic. That’s Rue riding shotgun in the squad car. Getting to ride in the front row is pretty good…

But being behind the wheel is all she’s ever wanted.

Hood ornaments are just getting to be ridiculous. Everyone seems to need a status symbol.

And you have to watch your surroundings at the U-Pick farms. You never know when a spider or bumblebee will come within four feet of you while your mother makes you pose with your green bean harvest.

In short, when vacationing with a herd of small children, don’t expect to hit the usual tourist destinations. You don’t have to go looking for adventure or photo-worthy moments. Both just seem to present themselves.

Later this week: green beans. Sure, Lupe was brave enough to pick them, but was she brave enough to eat them?

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