Natural Easter Egg Dyes: I’ve always anticipated Easter egg dyes with dread. They’re grout stains just waiting to happen. But I must be mellowing out as the girls (and I) get older, because instead of buying the Paas package at the Walgreens or slapping the Star Wars decals…read the entire post here.

May Day Door Hangers: I loved the idea of leaving a small reminder that spring is actually here. So we created paper cones from recycled picture books and sheet music and filled them with little goodies…read the entire post here.

Bouquets of Twisted Wire with Buttons and Beads: One of the best things about going to parties is getting to know people. And one of the best things about getting to know people is learning cool things from them…read the entire post here.


How to Host a No Holds Barred Water Fight: My uncle started it. Back in the 90s, he’d sneak into a room where we girls were huddled around the television and turn the super soaker on us, then take off on us before we could get our revenge…read the entire post here.


DIY Halloween Costumes. Hangin’ with my gnomies…and a flamingo…read the entire post here.


Four Corners, Rue’s Way: Preschoolers spend a lot of time being taught things by grownups. And if you’re the youngest child, you’ve got older siblings who want to pack on the knowledge too. But Rue got to be the teacher the other day…read the entire post here.

Live Action Angry Birds: An idea came to me in the wee hours of the morning. An idea that I couldn’t ignore. What if we created our own version of Angry Birds?…read the entire post here.


Twine Wrapped Candleholders: During the holidays, it’s kinda hard not to notice that you’re supposed to be buying stuff. Which you could do…or you could make stuff…read the entire post here.


Cleaning Pennies with Vinegar: The first thing on Rue’s mind when she wakes up is food. After that need has been taken care of, it’s not unusual for the next question out of her mouth to be if she can do a science experiment…read the entire post here.

HD Television Antenna: Homer Simpson and MacGyver had a love child, and our television had a crystal-clear picture…read the entire post here.


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