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Gluten-Free Pancakes

So it’s been awhile.

When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would blog my life, rather than live to blog. Lately, life has been a little too hectic to take time to reflect and put into words. There are lots of changes in store for our family–all good–but I’m a creature of habit and adapting to change requires energy.

You need to eat to have energy.

Especially breakfast.

A lot of well-known gluten-free bloggers are doing a “Rally for the Ratio.” The inspiration for this rally is Michael Ruhlman’s book Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking.

This book fascinates me. Actually, the first time I opened it, it terrified me. Why are there so many words?, I asked myself. Where are the full color photographs? I felt like I was out of my league.

But the only way to get into the league I want to be a part of is to get out of the league I’m currently in. So I persevered. And you know what? This book is really approachable. In fact, it’s easier to cook from this book than from a simple-looking cookbook with full-color photographs but a lot of extraneous ingredients and steps. Understand how the proportions of your ingredients relate to each other, and you can probably cook without a recipe. With confidence. And palatable results.

This morning, I used Ruhlman’s ratio for pancakes. I had a husband who’d just gone for a run in the rain, two hungry kids of my own, and one hungry kid who is hanging out with us for the weekend. While it’s generally not a good idea to try a new recipe under these conditions, I really wanted to try that ratio:

2 parts liquid : 1 part egg : 1/2 part butter : 2 parts flour


8 ounces gluten-free flour (here’s my mix)

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon sugar (Ruhlman’s recipe calls for 2 tablespoons sugar)

Mix these together in a large bowl. Then, mix into a second large bowl:

8 ounces milk (Ruhlman says you can use up to 4 ounces of buttermilk, but using 8 ounces of buttermilk gives you a much fluffier pancake. The first photo in this post is of a stack of pancakes made with 4 ounces milk/4 ounces buttermilk; the second is of a stack of pancakes made with 8 ounces of buttermilk.)

2 extra-large eggs (Ruhlman’s recipe calls for 2 large eggs)

2 ounces butter (that’s 4 tablespoons), melted

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine the wet and dry ingredients and mix well. The great thing about gluten-free flours is that you don’t have to worry about overmixing and activating the gluten.

Pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto a griddle at medium heat and cook for about 2-3 minutes per side. This amount of batter makes enough to feed 5 people, but if you have 5 voracious people and want to have enough to pull out of the fridge and serve on busy weekday mornings, then make a double batch.



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