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Feline Reality TV Shows

I want to pitch some ideas to the network execs. I may be biased, but I think these two are more entertaining than anything on television these days.

Food Network: Cat vs. Food

HGTV: Feline Design

MTV Cribs

This reminds me of something you’d see on TLC or A&E. That’s it. They’ve been busted by Dog the Bounty Hunter.


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Binky, by Ashley Spires

Oh, the places they’d go. If only we’d let them out.

But we want them to have a life expectancy that reaches double digits, so their outdoor time is supervised. At one point, we tried a kitty harness for Zigity, which proved to be completely emasculating for both cat and human.

The only thing worse than seeing toddlers on leashes is seeing cats on leashes.

Binky the cat knows our cats’ pain. To his humans, Binky is an ordinary cat–he gets underfoot, scavenges food, kneads their bellies, and revs his purr motor at inconvenient times. But Binky is so much more than that. He is a space cat who would like to complete his important mission to rid the world of aliens (bugs) in order to save his people. But that would require venturing into the deepest corners of outer space (outside). Poor Binky has never even set paw outside.

Will Binky ever have the opportunity to save his humans from aliens? See him in action to find out!

In the Binky series, Ashley Spires has created utterly delightful stories about a chubby indoor cat whose contribution to the world may never be realized. Binky is noble, he is helpful, he is courageous, he is misunderstood.This cat’s a winner with all ages, but definitely consider sharing with elementary kids, cat lovers, fans of graphic novels, and struggling readers.

And don’t miss Binky to the Rescue, in which Binky actually finds himself in “outer space.”

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They Think They’re People

My sister’s dog, Tank, trying to use The Force in order to get some table scraps out of our stepdad.

But dogs aren’t the only four-legged creatures guilty of this kind of behavior. Seattle cats don’t settle for plain old milk. They drink foamy milk.

Every morning, when I fire up the espresso machine…

Snickers positions herself by the refrigerator door.

She waits very patiently while I make myself a latte.

Forgive the dribbles. It’s very early and I’m bleary-eyed and not all that coordinated.

She ponders the meaning of life.

I always seem to have more milk than I need. Snickers knows this. She counts on it.

That furry lump to Snickers’ left is our other cat, Zigity. He has no idea what he’s missing. Snickers would prefer to keep it that way.

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