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Bellingham in a Day

10 things we love about Bellingham:

1. The Farmers Market. Don’t let the No Dogs and No Bikes thing fool you. Maybe they’re not allowed in the market, but the public water fountains have troughs that help out your four-legged friends. And as for the No Bikes thing…

2. An off-the-grid blender for your smoothie.

Lupe worked for the smoothie; Rue drank it.

3. Scoring a stylish t-shirt. This is by Laurens Design and you can find her on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/laurensdesign

4. Recycling is cool. Recycling is chic. Just as we were coming into the market, I saw a gal leaving with a pair of black cowboy boots that had been transformed into planters. Not even that smoothie could wash away the taste of my jealousy. These oxfords-cum-planters are snappy, but I was still pining after those cowboy boots.

5. Enterprising kids can set up shop at the farmers market on the last Saturday of the month. We saw duct tape crafts, handmade cards, jewelry, and more.

6. Political activists with a sense of fun. There’s a living, breathing human under all those bags, gathering signatures for a movement to eliminate single-use plastic bags in Bellingham. In our rush to get out the door, I almost forgot to grab my reusable grocery bags. Really glad I didn’t.

7. Independent bookstores. If we can’t get to the local library when we’re visitors in another town, then we try to check out a local independent bookstore. It was a stunningly sunny Saturday, we were by the water, and we could barely get the kids out of  Village Books. Got no pictures of this charming bookstore–I was too busy looking at books.

8. Larrabee State Park. Follow the trail–just try not to let the scenery distract you from keeping your eyes on it.

Here’s the view from the small crescent of beach at about 6:30 on a summer evening. This is a no swimming/no wading beach, so unless you and yours are content to sit on the warm, pebbly shore or explore the trails and rocky outcroppings, this may not be the beach for you.

9. A quiet place to sit and take it all in. I can’t tell you how many people complimented Rue’s outfit while we were in town. Let’s just say that she’s quite pleased with herself. In case you couldn’t tell.

10. All of this is less than two hours from our home.


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