Cloudette, by Tom Lichtenheld

Here in the Seattle area, we’re currently suspended in one of the longest, coolest, wettest winters/springs in recent history. We haven’t escaped unscathed:

Parney’s Cotoneaster. Nacho Man’s Not Sad to See This One Go
Japanese Andromeda

It’s ironic that the the sun is shining the day I took these photos, because the near-daily sight of clouds has started to bring to mind words that aren’t fit to print. I need a change of attitude, and it’s come to me in the form of a picture book.

Cloudette, Tom Lichtenheld‘s latest picture book, is a petite cloud who is just a cute as her name implies. Her days are filled with hanging with the big clouds and fitting into impossibly tight spaces. In other words, her size is an advantage…until her skymates take off to do work that only large clouds can do. Then, Cloudette yearns to do important weather work of her own. So she embarks on an epic journey to find it.

Unfortunately, it seems that no one needs the help of one pint-sized cloud…until a huge storm blows her far away, where she discovers a frog in the middle of a dried-out pond. Suddenly, Cloudette has a “brainstorm.” In hilarious, charming detail, we see how hard Cloudette works to make it rain. The strain and happy exhaustion remind me of childbirth…and the expression my babies used to make when they were trying to take care of business.

What’s a little cloud to do after she’s found her calling? Use her talents to help others, of course!

This is a great book to share with preschoolers and early elementary-age kids. Think about giving it to adults who complain about the weather, too.

All I can say is that we ought to have a lot of happy frogs around here. And we do–I hear them thanking the clouds nearly every night. Which is how I know that spring is here…sort of.


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