Twine Wrapped Candleholders

During the holidays, it’s kinda hard not to notice that you’re supposed to be buying stuff. Which you could do…or you could make stuff. Being a producer instead of a consumer is fun, cheap, calming, artistic, and rewarding. Okay, maybe not all at once. But you get the idea. Plus you can do it with your kids. Which, as far as I’m concerned, beats standing in line with the kids at any store during the holidays.

During the next month, I’ll be writing about simple handmade things that make me happy. If at some point in the future, you receive one of these creations, you’re going to know what it cost. Sorry. Just know that it was a labor of love.

First up: dollar store candleholders wrapped in twine.

Since transitioning from working woman to stay-at-home mom, I’ve frequented some stores that used to be off my radar. The Dollar Tree is one of them. Dollar Tree is great! Everything is easily laid out and nicely organized. No fancy math to tally up your total. And you never know what you’re going to find. I think that’s rather exciting.

Last time I popped into a Dollar Tree, I found these great glasses with a wide base that would work as either a small vase or a large candle holder. So I snapped up five.

The only other things I needed were  a roll of twine that probably set me back about three dollars (didn’t get that at the Dollar Tree, but you could probably find some there) and a fully loaded hot glue gun.

Love the size and that great base.

Place a small dab of hot glue on the bottom of the vase and press the end of the twine into it. Then, run a short, thin line of hot glue and adhere the twine to it. You don’t want to go crazy and hot glue the entire glass because the glue will start to harden as soon as it hits the cold glass.

Um, I don’t know why I know that.

So basically you just keep going with that hot glue gun and twine until you reach the top of the candleholder. It’s not even a craft. It’s just uncoiling some rope.

I really let my Type A personality shine through while working on the first glass, and tried to glue each ring of twine as close as possible to the one beneath it so that you couldn’t see the glass underneath. But that means that you also can’t see the candlelight beneath as well, either. You want the light to play peek-a-boo.

Also, it’s a total pain to glue the twine that close, and you’ve got more of these to finish.

Lights on…

Lights out. You can probably tell which is my Type A votive.

Lesson I learned? Sometimes, things work out better when you stop trying to be perfect.

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One response to “Twine Wrapped Candleholders

  1. Louise Haughton

    Thats such a great idea! I love it. I am going to make these for my wedding as centerpieces 🙂

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