That’s Gratitude for You

Things I’m grateful for:

Fall. And apples. Apple picking in the fall. Especially when the apples are free…

…which is what I remind myself when I’ve cored, peeled, and cut up pots full of apples and made gallons of applesauce. By that point, I’m also grateful for beer.

Parsley. How many of us are thanking parsley this Thanksgiving? Parsley turns this:

(Why yes, that is ground beef in cream of mushroom soup. Before you judge, please note that it is served over wholesome brown rice.)

…into this:

I am very grateful for the classying power of garnishes.

All-Clad. Sleek and powerful. Makes cooking as much fun as eating.

I’m also mighty grateful for friends and family. Which goes without saying. But don’t you find that the things that should go without saying are the exact things that deserve to be said? Thanks to my family and friends, this has been a year of bear hugs, shoulders to cry on, good drinks, great food (not by me–did you see that hamburger meat?), a gift card that made the All-Clad possible, a free sewing machine that is opening the door to a new career path if I want it, support for my creative endeavors, readers for this blog, and lots of great new experiences.

Check out one of my favorite new experiences from this year below. I need to add that I’m awfully grateful for my imagination, because in my imagination I’m sleek and powerful and just plain awesome. You say delusional, I say imaginative.

Well, roll tape.

What are you grateful for?

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