Crafting ‘Til We Drop

There’s been lots more crafting than cooking in our house this past week. Glorious, messy, time-consuming, experimental crafting that’s left me too drained to blog. But oh, what fun.

If you haven’t read Inkblots by Margaret Peot, you’re missing a fascinating look at the history of inkblots and an opportunity to get creative.

Lupe gives it a try. This first one didn’t turn out quite as she planned…

Here’s attempt #2. What do you see?

We had hot (okay, so I’m the kind of wimp who thinks that 80 degrees is sweltering) and sunny weather, which meant it was time to break out the solar print kit Grandma Sandy gave us a year ago. Yes, there really have been so few sunny days between then and now that we have yet to use all the paper.

Rue made the happy face on the far right out of bits of clematis leaves. And Lupe, my crazy-cat-lady-in-training, made a feline-inspired print out of a hydrangea leaf, ferns, and bits of twig.

Soy paints stenciled onto burlap to DIY my own version of burlap-covered glasses I spied that were going for nine bucks a pop at a fancy store in town.

And finally, I’ve been working on a little something for a special girl’s upcoming birthday. Lily, if your parents are reading this, they’re going to get a preview of your birthday gift. It’s inspired by the greatest thing I’ve learned from children ages 1-5:  Y’all love felt pieces.

So now, you’ve got a set of your own!

It comes with soft felted squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, and half circles packed into a chic little carrying case for the girl on the go. Everything is sized so that two rectangles are the same size as the square and two half circles match the size of a full circle. Think of the math! Think of the discoveries! Think of the design possibilities!

I know. Pretty amazing, right? At least I hope you think so because…

Sorry, no gift receipt.

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One response to “Crafting ‘Til We Drop

  1. Sundee

    So fun! You’ve become a genuine crafty mama!

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