A Bouquet That Will Never Wilt: Twisted Wire with Buttons and Beads

One of the best things about going to parties is getting to know people. And one of the best things about getting to know people is learning cool things from them. That’s what happened when Rue and I went to a tea party at the home of a good friend. She had invited another friend who brought a beautiful, homemade hostess gift made out of heavy gauge wire and buttons. I feel like I practically interrogated the woman to learn what to do, and now the girls and I are completely obsessed with this craft.

Here’s what you need:

1. some 20-gauge wire–we bought ours at a craft store

2. an assortment of buttons and beads

3. sharp scissors

4. pliers

5. power drill (optional)

And here’s what you do:

1. Cut a length of wire, taking into consideration that you’ll be bending it in half, then twisting it.

2. Place a button or bead at the point where the wire bends. Like all the stains on our craft table? So much for washable markers.

3. Clamp the wire beneath the button with your fingers or pliers, and twist the two strands of wire together.

4. Set another bead or button.

5. Clamp and twist.

6. And repeat and repeat until you’re almost at the end of the wire. You’ll soon have something that looks like this (different than the one in the previous photo):

Uh-oh. Better finish up. Zigity’s putting his foot down. It’s time for a meal. He eats more frequently than an infant.

7. Wrap up the loose ends of the wire. You can use your hands. Or you can tap the power grid:

Clamp the pliers beneath your last button or bead. Put the ends of the wire into a power drill–no bits–and tighten. Then, power it up.

You might bend or tape the very ends if your little ones will be holding these.

I thought the gal who made these for the party said there’s a way to use the power drill to do all of the twisting, but I couldn’t figure it out. So I used my man-hands. And that’s totally doable. The girls were able to twist the wire with their hands as well.

So what are these good for? They make a beautiful arrangement in a vase. Loop a super-long one around a glass jar and make a pencil holder, as we did for Lupe.

They make a pretty embellishment on a gift.

Or keep it simple. Rue prefers to unleash their magic–they make fabulous wands. And swords.

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One response to “A Bouquet That Will Never Wilt: Twisted Wire with Buttons and Beads

  1. Sundee

    Lovely! So glad you got something out of the tea party (other than a few extra calories and the four-year-old drama-rama!)

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