Live Action Angry Birds: Or, How You, Too, Can be Parents of the Year

I recently stumbled upon the Gnome Catapult at Kleas, and I knew we had to do it. It was a craft. A slightly destructive craft. A competitive craft. I had a hard time sleeping that night. The excitement was almost unbearable.

And then, an idea came to me in the wee hours of the morning. An idea that I couldn’t ignore.

Although not much tops the idea of flinging gnomes into the air, what if we created our own version of Angry Birds?

It didn’t take too much effort to get everyone on board.

With the clock ticking on my Jo-Ann coupons, we ran down to the craft store and bought a small bag of large wooden beads that are flat on one end.

That’s all we needed. With the help of some Sharpie pens, googly eyes, bits of yarn, feathers snipped from Rue’s boas, and a hot glue gun…

Angry Cat keeps popping up.

We had us some pretty fancy (and fierce) Angry Birds.

From left to right: Rue’s, Nacho Man’s, Lupe’s, and mine

Then, we needed an almost impermeable structure and some rude pigs. We used our beloved Citiblocs. We only had one pig, so we supplemented with a dinosaur, zebra, rhino, cat, tiger, and lion. And we actually had boulders. It’s like it was meant to be.

Next up: launch. We opted for a catapult, as Nacho Man seemed to have a problem with using a sling shot to propel a wooden ball across the room.

As the youngest, Rue went first. She calmly set up her bird, then bid it adieu.

And took out half the structure! But look, there in the lower right, the pig is laughing at us.

I have to admit that none of us matched Rue’s success. We tried, and tried, and tried, and took a snack break, and tried some more, but the pig eluded us.

Nacho Man really went all out with his bird. It’s even got a “bird nest” of feathers, which got a little thinner with each launch, as soft pink tufts floated gently to the ground. That blurry figure in the foreground of the photo is the pig, taunting Nacho Man’s bird.

In the end, it was Rue who managed to take out the remnants of the structure and the pig. Didn’t surprise any of us in the least.

Of course, we weren’t the first to come up with the idea of taking Angry Birds out of the screen. We’re never the first to think of anything. Still, I love our little birds. If you’d like to see some other craftiness, a quick Google search revealed these gems:

Make and Takes

Craft: Transforming Traditional Crafts

Crafts by Amanda

Dollar Store Crafts

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One response to “Live Action Angry Birds: Or, How You, Too, Can be Parents of the Year

  1. So cute – looks like tons of fun. My boys would love this! 🙂 I think Conan does a huge live-action Angry Birds once in awhile too.

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