Chipotle Chicken

What do you get when you take one exposed chicken…

And cover it in chipotle peppers?

To find out, you’ll need 1 five-pound chicken, cleaned and most skin removed, one large yellow onion, peeled and quartered, 3 peeled cloves of garlic, one 7-ounce can chipotle peppers in adobe sauce, and 1 tablespoon salt.

Put everything in a large crock pot, cover, and cook on high.

After about 4 or 5 hours, the meat will be begging to fall off the bone.

Shred the chicken meat. It won’t take much effort.

Strain the juices from the crock pot and pour them into a stove-safe pot set over medium heat. Look at the color of that liquid. Chipotle peppers are hot, and hot wants sweet for balance. So add some brown sugar, molasses, or cola, a half a cup at a time, and allow to cook down a bit before adjusting the flavor.

It’s like a pH scale, but for sweet versus spicy. And it’s customizable to you.

When it’s the flavor and consistency you like (we like ours somewhere between au jus and barbecue sauce), pour it over the shredded chicken and mix it in well. You’ll want to taste often to make sure it’s not too spicy. You’ll also want to taste often because you won’t be able to stop yourself.

Serve with warm tortillas (we use corn because they’re gluten-free), lettuce, and salsa. And beer. Which is totally stating the obvious.

Chipotle Chicken (servings: hard to say. Doesn’t stretch very far at Multi-Cultural Night)


One 5-pound chicken, cleaned and some skin removed

1 7-ounce can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

1 large onion, peeled and quartered

3 cloves garlic, peeled

brown sugar, molasses, or cola (to be added 1/2 cup at a time)

corn or flour tortillas

lettuce, cilantro, lime, salsa for garnish (optional)


1. Place all ingredients in large crock pot on high heat. Cover and cook 4-5 hours, until meat begins to fall off the bone.

2. Carefully remove the chicken from the crock pot and shred the remainder of the meat. Store in a large container.

3. Slowly pour the cooking liquid from the crock pot into a stovetop-safe pot (you can’t put your enamel crock pot on a stove burner). Simmer on medium heat. Add 1/2 cup brown sugar, molasses, or cola if you want to balance the smoky-spiciness with a sweet flavor. Allow flavors to meld before adding additional sweetness.

4. Remove reduction from heat when you have the desired flavor and consistency, and pour over the shredded meat.

5. Serve with warm tortillas and garnish with lime, lettuce, and cilantro, or fresh salsa.

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