Happy Birthday, Lupe

Lupe’s birthday falls on Mother’s Day this year, so it seems appropriate that her birthday gift required us to work together. Lupe thinks it’s a real treat to get something from Pottery Barn Teen, and this year, she had her eye on a wall-mounted beauty station for her jewelry and makeup.


Well, at this point we’re talking about a lot of chapstick.

PBTeen was offering an additional 20% off clearance items over the weekend, so we ordered it and it arrived within three business days. And of course, she wanted to install it right away. Nacho Man was working late, and once Rue was down for the night, we took out the power tools. It was time for Lupe to get the gifts of self-sufficiency and proficiency with tools.

Lupe makes her mark. See those dark fingernails? I guess she’ll be keeping more than chapstick in her beauty station.

Checking for studs.

Almost ready to drill.

Mama installs the toggle screws while Nacho Man is working late…errrr…practicing softball…errrr…hanging out at the bowling alley.

It’s sturdy! It’s level!

Happy birthday, Lupe. Already looking forward to our next project.

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