How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’re desperate to grow our own fruits and vegetables this summer. It’s not that we haven’t tried in the past, but we’ve been victims of our Pacific Northwest soil. It’s clay about four inches down. We learned this when I got the brilliant (Nacho Man says impulsive) idea to dig up a huge swath of our tiny backyard and put in a bed.

“It’ll be easy,” I told him.

He’s heard me say this enough times in the past to know better.

Sometimes living with someone who knows you better than you know yourself is a real liability.

But being the sport that he is, he went along with it…long enough to prove his point that I’d leaped without looking and wouldn’t it have been better if we’d just hired someone like he’d wanted to in the first place?

Shovel, Meet Clay

(Nacho Man insisted that I insert this photo, even though the planter box covers most of the damage, just so you can see what my spur-of-the-moment bright ideas wreak on our family. And yard.)

Nacho Man will be the first person to admit that he’s not handy with lumber and power tools. I do the Home Depot runs in this family. It’s actually my favorite way to spend time with my stepdad. My stepdad’s taught me how to find studs in walls (Nacho Man just points the stud sensor at himself and makes beeping noises), use power saws, and install a ceiling fan. He’s helping me realize my dream of becoming a do-it-yourselfer.

Nacho Man thinks some dreams should be tempered.

So we called in the pros. Rather than go to the expense of having our backyard dug apart, we had a raised garden bed installed and filled with about eight inches of compost. It stank so bad we couldn’t go in our own yard for a couple of days, but the rich, fertile black soil is totally with it.

It’s not much to look at now, but I’ll post pictures and updates of the progress.

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