Nacho Man Keeps His Wife Tech-Savvy

You might be surprised to learn that librarians are very with it, technologically speaking. Not a day goes by that I don’t deal with the internet, library databases (which, if you don’t know, are awesome resources, chock full of articles from reference books, magazines, and newspapers, that your library subscribes to–you can access many databases even if you’re not in the library!), downloadable books, Microsoft Office, thumb drives, and the like. And Nacho Man works in IT for a very hip and happening advertising agency in Seattle. We are both surrounded by technology.

And yet, we don’t own a flat panel television, a video game console, or any number of high tech devices. Our oldest daughter has a DS that she occasionally plays. Before that, we had Nacho Man’s Nintendo Gameboy circa 1993. We pull it out at parties–it’s good for laughs. (Incidentally, Nacho Man still had a Pong console when we first started dating. He initiated me. How I wish we still had it!) I have an iPhone that someone gave to Nacho Man because it got dropped in a glass of water. I just signed up for text messaging a couple of years ago. Nacho Man has a company-issue phone with all the bells and whistles, but if it weren’t for his work, he’d never pony up for such a thing.

My one technological love was my laptop. It was nothing fancy, but I loved the portability and the easy access to the internet (Hello, Etsy), my email, and Microsoft Word for writing. It was on one of my internet shopping trips that I spied a pot rack on clearance at Ballard Designs. I’d been watching it for awhile, and when it was deeply marked down, I jumped on it.

Nacho Man was at work the day it was delivered. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to install it. So I didn’t. Brimming with plucky can-do attitude, I jumped up on my kitchen island, single-handedly hoisted a four-foot long pot rack into the air, attached it to the ceiling, then started sliding the S hooks into the holes. It would have been a certifiable She-Ra moment.

Had I not dropped an S hook on my laptop, which I’d carelessly left open on the island.

It did this to the screen:

What I Sacrificed for a Potrack

Know what that reminds me of? Varicose veins. My screen was covered in deep magenta and purple lines that spread to the point that I had a visible viewing area the size of an orange. I dealt with it, but it drove Nacho Man crazy. Of course, he has it comparatively good–as I squinted at my screen, he pulled out his company-issue Mac and went about his merry business. But he threatened/promised to buy me a new laptop for months, something I wasn’t prepared to drop money on, and deep down, I doubted he was either. We’re not big gift-givers. He treats me to new Smart Wool socks for every major holiday and that’s about all the excitement we can handle.

But apparently he was. He enlisted the help of a cousin of mine who seems to know every deal on every technological item known to humanity, and he found a screaming deal on this:

Macbook Pro: Come to Mama

I’ve come a long way, baby.

Those Funny PC vs. Mac Commercials Come to Mind

We try not to allow material things to dictate our happiness, but this is the exception to the rule. Thank you, Nacho Man.

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  1. Mark Hartwell

    Macbook Pro= Best laptop EVER! Mine has already been uber helpful with school. Your next step into the realm of techie awesomeness will be jumping on the tablet bandwagon. Oh yea, Great blog!

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